06 October 2010

(Not really) Wordless Wednesday ~ Looking Around Our Neighborhood

Our gate - from the road

Sandy main road that goes by our house

Looking up that same sandy road

Boutique where Brendan often treks to buy baquettes for breakfast (per Jon-man's request!)

See all the sand? No problem for the Cruiser, but our Corolla needs a running start and no traffic, or she'll get stuck.

Roads tend to be quite wide! A few km in this direction will take you to an actual paved road.

Our street, the other direction

The front of our house

Drive in and walk in gates - from the door to the terrace.

Our yard... we really only have a front yard at this house.

(All photos taken by Brendan as he went to buy bread one Sunday morning... that's why there isn't anyone out on the roads.)


  1. really fun (and interesting) to see these! good job, Brendan

  2. It's much greener than I expected, for some reason (I forget - it's rainy season, right?) Beautiful!


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