21 April 2009

So this is what it is...

...life with a teenager.

He leaves for school at 7 in the morning (Since we are in a carpool, we only have to drive twice a week... in the morning... to his school.)

I did see him for a few hours this afternoon - but I was also busy with our first day of the swimming/water polo phys ed unit and 40ish students.

He caught his own ride back to the school for orchestra practice after swimming classes were done.

After he was dropped at the Rec Center this afternoon, he did come and get his littlest sister for awhile... and caught my eye to come and take her back when she started fussing.

And then he was off again to play volleyball with his friends.

Fortunately, he's pretty responsible about making sure his homework is done and arranging for his own transportation!

I hope he'll be home before I wilt for the night - so I can hear about his day!

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