18 April 2009

What about Your Daddy?

Awhile back, I asked this same set of questions to the kids about me... thought it would be fun and interesting to see what they said about their father (whom they often call Baaba.)

1. What is something Baaba always says to you?
Brendan: “No. You can’t play computer… even when that wasn’t what I was going to ask him.”
Rebekah Joy: “Wanna cuddle?”
Nadia: “Chicken duniya.”
Anna: “Have a nice day at school!”
Victoria: “Obey.”
Jonathan: “No go outside when it’s dark.”
Elsie Mae: “Sweetie.”
Mary Michelle: “Where’s the Mama? You are NOT the Mama!”

2. What makes Baaba happy?
Brendan: “Winning a multiplayer.”
Rebekah Joy: “Hugs and kisses.”
Nadia: “When I help take care of the kids and the dishes.”
Anna: “When I do what he wants.”
Victoria: “By obeying him.”
Jonathan: “When me tickle him.”
Elsie Mae: “Me.”
Mary Michelle: Clean diapers.

3. What makes Baaba sad?
Brendan: “Mom and I being on FB for a really long time.”
Rebekah Joy: “Computers not working or a power outage.”
Nadia: “When I disobey.”
Anna: “When I don’t do what he wants and I disobey him.”
Victoria: “By disobeying.”
Jonathan: “When me had to go to ‘merica wifout him.”
Elsie Mae: “Pankin’ bobbins.” – which interpreted means spanking bottoms.
Mary Michelle: When I’m grumpy.

4. How does your baaba make you laugh?
Brendan: “Being goofy.”
Rebekah Joy: “The silly explanations he gives.”
Nadia: “When he says funny things.”
Anna: “He tickles me.”
Victoria: “By saying stupid things he makes me laugh.”
Jonathan: “Tickle me.”
Elsie Mae: “Play my baaba.”
Mary Michelle: Wakes me up in the morning.

5. What was your baaba like as a child?
Brendan: “A goofball, just like Jonathan.”
Rebekah Joy: “Mischevious.”
Nadia: “Mischevious.”
Anna: “Nice, kind and cute.”
Victoria: “Mischievious.”
Jonathan: “Like a baby.”
Elsie Mae: “Good! Lotsa bisous” (the French word for “kiss.”)
Mary Michelle: ---

6. How old is your baaba?
Brendan: “39.”
Rebekah Joy: “39.”
Nadia: “39.”
Anna: “48.”
Victoria: “Uh… I’m not sure. Maybe 30?”
Jonathan: “Him 4 and very old.”
Elsie Mae: “Huh?”
Mary Michelle: ---

7. How tall is your baaba?
Brendan: “A little bit taller than I am.“
Rebekah Joy: “5 foot something.”
Nadia: “Maybe 5 feet?”
Anna: “Bigger than Brendan.”
Victoria: “He’s very high.”
Jonathan: “Very big.”
Elsie Mae: “Tawll.”
Mary Michelle: ---

8. What is his favorite thing to do?
Brendan: “Sleep.”
Rebekah Joy: “Go to the pool and hang out.”
Nadia: “Go to the pool, talk to his friends and sleep.”
Anna: “Play on the computer.”
Victoria: “Play computer games.”
Jonathan: “Go outside and feed the chickens.”
Elsie Mae: “Yum yum.” – which interpreted means eat.
Mary Michelle: Hold and rock me.

9. What does your baaba do when you're not around?
Brendan: “Works at the studio.”
Rebekah Joy: “I don’t know.”
Nadia: “Goes to the studio or the office and works.”
Anna: “Works.”
Victoria: “He works.”
Jonathan: “Work and take care of Mary.”
Elsie Mae: “Miss me.”
Mary Michelle: Not worry about me.

10. If your baaba becomes famous, what will it be for?
Brendan: “Some radio thing.”
Rebekah Joy: “Silly conversations.”
Nadia: “”Cause he’s really good working on radio things.”
Anna: “For being a good Daddy.”
Victoria: “For being good.”
Jonathan: “His smile.”
Elsie Mae: “Huh?”
Mary Michelle: ---

11. What is your baaba really good at?
Brendan: “Making me feel guilty.”
Rebekah Joy: “Sleeping.”
Nadia: “Working on the radio.”
Anna: “Making me laugh.”
Victoria: “Making us obey.”
Jonathan: “Feeding the chickens.”
Elsie Mae: “Tuddle, luf me.”
Mary Michelle: “ As her baaba always says, he’s “Good fer nuthin’!”

12. What is your baaba not very good at?
Brendan: “Short-term memory.”
Rebekah Joy: “Forgetting to turn the water filter off when he’s filling the water cooler. He gets distracted and I have to clean up the water mess.”
Nadia: “Cooking dinner.”
Anna: “Making me cry.”
Victoria: “He’s not good at sinning.”
Jonathan: “Holding Mary. He gives her to Mama, Bren-breb, Bekah or Lala (Nadia).”
Elsie Mae: “Weepin’.” – which interpreted means sweeping.
Mary Michelle: Feeding me.

13. What does your baaba do for his job?
Brendan: “Records radio programs, puts them on the air.”
Rebekah Joy: “Records, puts stuff on the radio… radio broadcasting.”
Nadia: “He helps people make new music albums and works on computers.”
Anna: “Makes songs.”
Victoria: “He spreads Jesus around the world.”
Jonathan: “Work at ‘tudio.”
Elsie Mae: “Pute – rrrrr.” (I think that means computer.)
Mary Michelle:.---

14. What is your baaba’s favorite food?
Brendan: “Salmon.”
Rebekah Joy: “Gampy’s grilled steak with mashed potatoes and gravy.”
Nadia: “Beef stroganoff.”
Anna: “Spaghetti.”
Victoria: “French fries.”
Jonathan: “Chicken duniya.”
Elsie Mae: “Booger.” I think she means a cheeseburger.
Mary Michelle: ---.

15. What makes you proud of your baaba?
Brendan: “How he does things that need to be done quietly and without making a fuss.”
Rebekah Joy: “He’s MY daddy.”
Nadia: “That she’s the best daddy in the world.”
Anna: “For being nice.”
Victoria: “He’s good and nice.”
Jonathan: “He loves me.”
Elsie Mae: “Me hug.”
Mary Michelle: ---

16. If your baaba were a cartoon character, who would he be?
Brendan: “Larryboy.”
Rebekah Joy: “Larry the Cucumber.”
Nadia: “Petrie.” (from the Land Before Time.)
Anna: “Mr. Lunt.” (from “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.”
Victoria: “Mad Mortigan… he’s silly and handsome.”
Jonathan: “Mario.”
Elsie Mae: “Waiwry.” (Also Larry the Cucumber…. She must have heard Rebekah.)
Mary Michelle: ---

17. What do you and your baaba do together?
Brendan: “Play computer games.”
Rebekah Joy: “Age of Empires multiplayers.”
Nadia: “We play multiplayers on the computer and we both sometimes read the Character Sketches.”
Anna: “Cuddle.”
Victoria: “We swim and he lets me crawl on his back and go for rides in the water.”
Jonathan: “Feed the chickens.”
Elsie Mae: “Tuddle.”
Mary Michelle: Cuddle in the morning and walk the hall when I’m fussy.

18. How are you and your baaba the same?
Brendan: “We both enjoy being outside.”
Rebekah Joy: “Blonde hair, blue eyes.”
Nadia: “Our blond hair and we both like reading.”
Anna: “We both got blue eyes.”
Victoria: “He’s my daddy and I’m his daughter.”
Jonathan: “We both big boys.”
Elsie Mae: “Take naps.”
Mary Michelle: We both like Mama.

19. How are you and your baaba different?
Brendan: “I’m more into music.”
Rebekah Joy: “He’s a boy and I’m a girl.”
Nadia: “He’s a boy and I’m a girl and he likes taking more naps than me.”
Anna: “My hair is going to have brown hair and he doesn’t.”
Victoria: “He’s big and I’m little.”
Jonathan: “He’s married.”
Elsie Mae: “Huh?”
Mary Michelle: ---

20. How do you know your baaba loves you?
Brendan: “By how he’s willing to change his plans for me.”
Rebekah Joy: “He takes care of me.”
Nadia: “’Cause he loves me and takes good care of me.”
Anna: “By the way he acts.”
Victoria: “Because he takes care of me.”
Jonathan: “Him tickle me.”
Elsie Mae: “Tuddle, tiss.” I think tiss means kiss.
Mary Michelle: He walks with me when I’m crying.

21. What does your baaba like most about your mama?
Brendan: “She keeps the house clean.”
Rebekah Joy:”Her humorous behavior.”
Nadia: “She’s his wife and he loves her.”
Anna: “Her pretty blue-green eyes.”
Victoria: “He likes her prettiness and that she’s a Christian.”
Jonathan: “He likes when he makes her happy.”
Elsie Mae: “Tuddles.”
Mary Michelle:---

22. Where is your baaba's favorite place to go?
Brendan: “The Rec (Center).”
Rebekah Joy: “Grandpa Gene’s boat.”
Nadia: “The pool to hang out.”
Anna: “To the Great Wolf Lodge. I think he likes it there.”
Victoria: “To the Rec Center.”
Jonathan: “America.”
Elsie Mae: “wimmin!” – which means swimming.
Mary Michelle: To lay down for a nap.

Note: Obviously, Mary Michelle’s and some of Elsie Mae’s answers had to be “interpreted.” *GRIN*

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