03 April 2009

Budding Interest in Computers... Perhaps Graphic Design?

The kid can do more with paint than either Tim or I can figure out!


  1. How cute! I am amazed what kids can manage to learn on the computer at such young ages. My 3 year old just learned how to use the mouse the other week! Crazy!

    I was stopping by to invite you to join in on the “Kids and Culture” photo challenge at “Missionary Moms!” Here is the link if you would like to submit a photo! http://formissionarymoms.com/2009/04/02/photo-challenge-kids-and-culture/ Take care!


  2. Hello there fellow-missionary-mom, I have an Easter giveaway on my blog that might be of interest for you and your kids, don’t miss it!

    God bless you,




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