02 April 2009

Happy Birthday to You!

One of our favorite places to visit when we are in the States is my Nana's and Pop-pop's home. We love the time to just sit around and talk - the company's can't be beat - and the time to rest... or sleep... or swing on the front porch swing... and visit with the folks who pop in to visit "all them grandbabies." (And somehow, although I'm technically a grandkid, I don't think they are coming to see me!) The kids love to play with the cats, visit with Pop-pop's retired old bird dog or make a post office run with Pop-pop. Everyone loves Nana's southern cookin' and then there's the mandatory trip to Ryan's Buffet after church! So we always look forward to each opportunity we have to make this down south.

Just last month was Pop-pop's 86th birthday. While we were sorry to miss out on the cake and singing - we were certainly thinking of him and looking forward to our next opportunity to go hang out chez eux!

Gammie (Richelle's mom), Nana, Aunt Donna, Pop-pop

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