28 April 2009

He's such a goofball...

... and we are so super-glad he's ours!

I just love this outfit... once upon a time Brendan wore it, and it has been passed down through all of the kids. I finally had to find a new t-shirt to wear under the overalls, but I'm hoping it survives... so someday I'll be able to say that ALL my gang has worn 'em. It has been a top pick by the munchkin crew, too... well, except for Victoria - but she's always had her own ideas about things, so no suprise there! That has just allowed me to pass it down to the Jon-man a little earlier than expected... so what if it's a little too big? It highlights those beautiful blue eyes... and he is a silly cookie addict, so the "theme" fits!

Here, he's entertaining his little sis... who, by the way, adores him. Every time either he (or Brendan) walk by, her face lights up in a huge grin, sometimes even when she is screaming! But that isn't too much of a surprise either... most of what he does is, if nothing else, to entertain and inspired by a desire to make others smile.
See what I mean?

His big brother and dad must have taught him T.H.A.T!

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