12 November 2008

Missing her sisters...

One thing that has been common to every one of my pregnancies has been insomnia in the last weeks. It seems to be a combination of things: feeling clausterphobic as the baby presses up against my stomach and diaphram, difficulty getting comfortable, achy back, mind busy with thoughts and imaginations of what our new arrival will be like... and somewhere around pregnancy number 5, I stopped fighting the insomnia. I figured if I wasn't sleeping, I might as well be doing something I enjoy or something productive. So, I started scrapbooking, trying new recipes, "nesting," and other assorted things to occupy my mind when I couldn't sleep. Lately, I've been doing computer work - responding to emails, instant messaging, reading blogs or blogging myself.

And thus I arrive at the point of this particular post. I was working on the previous post about Victoria's hair when Elsie Mae toddled out. She was immediately fascinated by the picture of Victoria - pointing to the computer screen and asking questions that I couldn't understand.

I decided to show her another picture recently sent to me...

...and her response was soooo informative. I've often wondered what she thinks of all this... how much she understands, remembers, etc., especially since she is not a very verbal critter at this point in time. The other kids can all tell us what is going through their heads - but not Elsie Mae... not yet, at least. When the above picture popped up onto the screen, she looked up at me and grinned - a huge smile. The she reached for the computer screen, caressing the face of each one of her sisters, while saying their names: "Toto," "Nana," and "Naya..." Touching faces is often how Elsie seeks reassurance and comfort; it is also how she says "I love you." Guess I don't have to wonder now what sorts of thoughts are going through her head, at least not as far as the rest of her family is concerned. I think she misses them. LOTS!

Now, I've got to go find some Kleenex, as my current baby has me all teary-eyed..............

Photo was snapped by our dear friend who is helping supervise the girls' homework on the days they don't have school in the afternoon, so Tim can continue working at the studio. Thanks, Mary!

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