23 November 2008

Time to Make (and EAT) the Donuts!


  1. Awwww...looks like fun! I miss Julie! I hope I can see you both when Jonathan and I come up for a visit December 31-January 6.

  2. if that is you in the green top...9 months pregnant...I think I don't like you very much (j/k)...each time when I was nearly 9 months pregnant I looked more like a beached whale...

  3. Umm - it is me - just say it is the angle of the camera or chalk it up to lots of practice being pregnant - 9th pregnancy, 8th time we've gone all the way to the end...

    Does it help if I tell you I feel like a hippo or a beached whale, and that Rebekah keeps telling me how much my tummy has grown in the last month?


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