21 November 2008

I Remembered What I DON'T Miss~

I love snow...

...I love winter, I love winter sports - and snuggling afterwards in front of a nice, roaring fire while sipping hot tea, cocoa or cider... in general, with the coming of fall and the subsequent cold, snowy weather so common to a state like Michigan - I know my favorite time of year is arriving. It was one of the few "perks" of this trip back to the States, and is always a furlough highlight for me.

However, last night, as we arrived home late from dinner with my sister and her family (and they did have a lovely fire going in their fireplace, just for us), I remembered that the next morning was trash pick up. Dragging trash barrels and recycling down a decent length driveway, late at night, tempertures below freezing and with the wind and snow blowing~ is NOT something I eagerly anticipate. But, it does have to be done.

...is all I have to say!

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