12 November 2008

Remnants of Braids

Before I headed back to the States, I took a bit of time to braid the girls' hair. I figured that would help Tim - he wouldn't have to worry about fixing their hair for approximately two weeks, they always like to have their hair fixed like their school mates, and it was a fun time to spend together with each one of my little gals before being apart for several months.

Victoria was an absolute chatterbox the entire time I was braiding her hair - nonstop talking about anything and everything... very stream of consciousness... and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. I think her daddy did, too, as he listened to her thoughts meander here and there!

Unfortunately, we didn't get photos of their hair after it was fixed... but Tim did snap these photos of Tori, more than 2 weeks after the fact, after the braids had been removed and all that was left were the curls. He said she was quite proud of her temporarily "curly" hair!

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