20 November 2008

A Fun Foto

Well, I missed getting this posted for a "Wordless Wednesday," but, "c'est la vie!"

What is so fun about this particular picture, you ask? Well, here you see Rebekah, Jonathan and Elsie Mae with one of their cousins. What is still astounding me (even after a month) is that this particular cousin is 6 months YOUNGER than Rebekah, yet so much taller. When this photo was snapped, she was over spending the weekend with us - she and Rebekah made foccacio bread, filled up the bird feeder, caught a small sparrow with a broken wing and took care of it, played with and worked on taming Robby, Rebekah's hamster (who runs in his wheel literally ALL.NIGHT.LONG!), and spent lots of time playing with and entertaining Jonathan and Elsie. I think they all had a lot of fun! We are hoping she comes for another weekend - really soon!

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