22 November 2008


Jonathan has been cracking us up lately (us refering to Rebekah and Richelle). He loves to sit on the back of couch by the big picture window in the living room (all the finger prints and other assorted marks on the window clearly attesting to that fact) watching the birds and other assorted animals, keeping an eye out for the mail man (or the garbage man, or the recycling man, or the guys who come collect the leaves we rake onto the side of the street...). And he'll give us a running commentary of everyone who passes by:

  • Mama, HUMAN walking dog.
  • Come look! HUMAN riding a bike. Come see!
  • Can I get newspaper on porch? HUMAN boy on bike leave it.
  • I see HUMAN lady who brought us diapers. She wave me, Mama.
  • HUMAN drive big red truck!
  • ...and so on...

Why is he using this particular word? We have no clue! We don't speak about people like that - we refer to them by their names, or say "someone," "somebody," or "a person;" this "HUMAN" business (and I type that in all caps because it is always said in all caps - at a high volume and with lots of enthusiasm), or "oo - na - men" as he more realistically says it, all started after several minutes of frustration where Jonathan was asking me to help him draw something, but I just couldn't figure out what he was asking me to help him draw. Once we finally figured it out, I made a few stick figures for him.

And that is his other latest passion - sketching stick figures.

EDITED TO ADD: When he read this post... and Jonathan's word choice... his baba (i.e. daddy) is reportedly cracking up, too!


  1. Very cute! I can't wait until my little Jonathan starts talking. Though by then, I'll probably be wishing he hadn't grown up so quickly...

  2. Oh, he'll grow up quickly - and while nostalgically, it is sad, it is also so exciting to see them grow, change, mature and develop into the people God wants them to be. Although in general, I'm partial to 2-3 year old little boys, reality is is that every age is my favorite - because I know my kiddo better...


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