14 November 2008

Can I Blame THIS on Pregnancy Cravings?

Yep! We really did. After Rebekah finished her basketball practice, we took off to do our weekly grocery shopping, on a splurge picked up a package of Oreo cookies... and when we got home, ate that package, with milk of course, as dinner.

But before you think I'm too awful of a mother, we did have a filling and healthy lunch and we don't do something like this every day... or even every week! It sure was yummy tonight, however (and the milk is good for you!).


  1. Yummy!

    You created a wonderful (and fun) memory with Rebekah!!

    Missing you
    hugs all around

  2. That is the coolest thing I ever heard. Can I come over for supper sometime?! ;)
    How are you doing? ANd actually- we'd love to visit you while you're in MI. I'll even bring the oreos! =D

  3. Come visit, ANYtime! We are doing well, although missing the family. Email me!

  4. Haha! I found out today you and I are only three blogs removed. Which means a blog I follow has a link to a blog which has a link to your blog. Imagine that!

    After all these years and children you look so much the same!!

    I blog under a pen name 'asianside', but I think you can figure out who I am...a housemate in a previous life!

    Take care, love, AS


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