05 September 2013

The Great Salt Lake... our morning on Antelope Island.


For geography studiers (that would be Tim), nature lovers (really everyone, but particularly Brendan and Rebekah), adventurers (Richelle, Nadia, Anna, Tori & Jonathan), social butterfliers  (Elsie Mae), and happy to be along with-ers (who else but Mary Michelle)... we thought Antelope Island would be a great thing to do first thing the morning after the fireworks, and before we headed through the Wasatch Mountains and to Bear Lake and Idaho.

It wasn't exactly what we hoped it would be.

We got a later start than we had initially planned on.

And we forgot to fill the gas tank up before we paid and drove the causeway out to the island which meant Tim didn't want to risk too much driving on the island.

We still tried to make the best of it. 

Driving across the causeway, the reflection of the sky, clouds and mountains on the still water was pretty impressive. I though Anna did a pretty good job 
snapping these photos from our moving van!

However, as soon as we drove on to the island, the kids immediately 
started noticing the briny stench.

They weren't impressed and they weren't very forgiving. 

This was the beach we were heading for... Some were insisting they wanted to swim in the lake. They were telling this story about a missionary man they knew who decided to stick his head under water in the Dead Sea even after he'd been clearly warned not to. He didn't believe anything bad would happen.

It did... 

Any ideas what happened to their friend?

We reminded them that this WAS NOT going to be another Huntington Beach escapade (fun as that was!) and that
they'd only have the opportunity to wade.

Probably our most devoted Dr. Quinn fan, Elsie Mae wanted to re-enact 
this episode when she saw this buffalo sculpture.

A herd of buffalo as well as lots of other animals inhabit the island.

How many buffalo do you see in this photo???

Rebekah buddied up with Mary Michelle.

And no one could keep up with Elsie Mae and Jonathan.

Victoria and her mama... a shadow photo!

Brine flies... there were a lot of them...

Big sis helping little sis.

The orange swimmy things are brine shrimp. These and the flies are the only two things that live naturally in the Salt Lake.

Each one indicating their opinion... what they thought of the Great Salt Lake. 
It was very mixed, as you can tell.

Of course, this was BEFORE the buffalo burgers.

Yep... we were photo-bombed!

Modeling those shades... 
You'd never guess they were sisters, would you?

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