07 September 2013

As we were planning our next move, we read this...

"Minerals suspended in the waters of Bear Lake create its spectacular aqua-blue color. Brilliant waters, combined with sandy beaches, lure visitors to play, fish, boat, and camp."
...and we knew we had to go,

especially since it wasn't 
out of the way to drive through the area.

And as we drove through the pass and caught our first glimpse of Bear Lake, 
we were so glad we decided to come this way.

We drove to the north coast of the lake, changed into our swimsuits and went swimming.

Our beach time was cut a little shorter than we'd hoped when national park rangers drove the length of the beach, warning of severe weather in the imminent future.

And we knew we still had to get to our campground, set up tents, and try not to wind up with everything soaked.

I don't think our big kids believed us... until they turned around and looked.

Snapped these photos as we drove past the wildlife habitat just north...
and headed for our campground.


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    1. yep! one of the places we've added to our list of "must revisit... someday..."


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