10 September 2013

~ a day in the Tetons ~

Consider yourself warned.
There are 65 photos in this post.

But I couldn't decide which photos of such beauty I should leave out...
so I didn't ~

although I don't know that the first one qualifies as beautiful... seems to be a popular thing to do, to collect elk antlers and use them to make bridges and arches to drive under or walk through. Kinda weird, I know.

Or as the kids described it... "CREEEEEEEPY!"


Any time Tim sees a plane while driving, he has to try and figure out where it is coming from. He was impressed by Jackson Hole's airport, right up in the mountains.

It was not one of the ones where he landed successfully while flying his flight simulator... and he wonders why I continue to tell him I'm never flying with, when he's the pilot.

Fluffy, white cotton-ball clouds began to take on a more ominous appearance.

This made the clouds and the mountains unlike anything I had ever seen.

We enjoyed the fields of subtle wildflowers, too.

Seemed like there were buffalo just about everywhere.

As the afternoon moved along into evening, even more storm clouds blew in.

Colter Bay on Jackson Lake... after we had the tent set up, as the clouds were looking increasingly foreboding.

We'd picked this book up at a bookstore or tourist trap somewhere along the way. Tim was threatening to read it... but I'm still not sure he ever has. Several of the other kiddos, however, have... and have a healthy respect for bears as a result.

We thought for along time about using this as our new prayer card photo... but Jonathan really looks more than a little out of it... so... 

...aren't you dying to see our new prayer card now, 
once we get it printed and into circulation?

Smores... or roasted marshmallows... pick your poison!

Someone was playing with the camera settings... and I didn't catch it right at first. :-)

But, did you ever wonder what 10 Wrights do in a tent?
"Puppy pile!!!"

But since it was rather chilly and rain was threatening, we all decided to turn in earlier rather than later.

Except for this guy.
Brendan needed some space... and really, can you blame him?

The next morning, we ran back down to the lake... 
since it was beautiful and sunshiny!

It never did actually rain the night before.


Clearly, she's still waking up. 

Sneaking off for about 45 seconds of Daddy&Mama uninterrupted conversation.

But we got found out pretty quickly. 

...by a little girl wanting to know if I was going to allow her to 
participate in the next scheduled adventure.

I said, "Absolutely yes!"
And she was thrilled.

So now, aren't you wondering what it is?

Stay tuned!

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