21 September 2013

Homeland Security

Is it weird to say that I felt safer with my family
  • living in W Africa with all the possibilities for disease, injury or illness
  • knowing (as we watched military planes fly up river and then return) that there was a full-fledged war going on just a couple hundred miles up river
  • recognizing that terrorist activity was all around us... and probably infiltrating our "neighborhood" as well
  • driving in developing country traffic every single day...
than I do living in the developed west?

photo from one of the local Niamey newspapers

It may be weird, but it is true ~ and this is the first furlough I've EVER felt this way.

Usually, it has been a huge sigh of relief to land back in this land and re-realize that
  • the hospital and emergency room are literally down the road and around the corner - like 3 minutes away
  • reading about wars and rumors of wars that now seem distant and far away although still heartbreaking...
To read the rest, please join me over at Missionary Mom's Companion, where I'm posting today. Hope to see you there!

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