18 September 2013

And then I read “When bad Christians happen to good people…”

Last time I wrote [at a life overseas: the missions conversation], I shared a recent and very awkward conversation I’d had with a Native American gentleman, a man who’s previous encounters with missionaries had convinced him that there was no such thing as a good one, an encounter made all the more awkward because my children were standing right there listening.


I was a bit surprised by how many of you responded and I truly appreciated your kind comments, wise observations, and the wealth of your own personal experiences shared.

One dear mentor friend, however, graciously and ever so gently challenged me and my response to this man.

While she agreed with me that what happened to him was not my responsibility, she also pointed out...


Please head over to a life overseas: the missions conversation to read how my friend challenged me to grow in this area. I'm so thankful she did!

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