06 November 2012

Refugee Invasion

When the the dikes broke back in August and properties adjacent to the Niger River were inundated... many, many were displaced...

including this family of feral cats that had decided to call Sahel home.

The only problem is they were trapped on a small "island" of land with very little opportunity to find food, and my kids got wind of their predicament.

They moved chez nous.

Sasha (our black cat) isn't impressed. He and the mother detest each other. Usually he's a gentlemen and she's a vixen. The kids have named her Hera.

We did locate a home for the little calico.

The little white guy (with gorgeous, pale blue eyes) has been tagged Napolean.
He and Achilles (our other, indoor, kitty) play - and even though he's the bigger of the two, Achilles beats him up pretty badly. I think Achilles thinks he's the prince to Czar Sasha.

We'd really like to find homes for Hera and Napolean...

Anyone interested?

They are really sweet!

We've also had refugees of another sort...

Sahel dorm kids!

We've had several different ones staying with us at one point or another and the Wrightlings LOVE every second of it.

All of the dorm kids have been amazing guests and we are looking forward to more weekends with visitors throughout the year. 

My kids are lobbying heavily for two donut Saturdays each month - the weekends we have visitors and the last Saturday of the month.

We'll see!

Any guesses where this guy's from???

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