21 November 2012

Generating Grumpiness? Or Gratitude?

Thanksgiving is this week, and so I feel a bit stupid starting out like this – but…  I REALLY can’t stand listening to a generator.

I know. You’re wondering, “What’s the big deal?”  

First, I’ve listened to them an awful lot lately.

Additionally, generators are noisy, they stink, there’s usually a big puff of black smoke as they start up, I’m quite sure they can’t be good for the environment and they consume a whole lot of diesel fuel and that gets expensive. Those might actually be considered valid reasons. They aren’t the ones behind my stronger than ambivalent dislike....


Please join me @ A Life Overseas if you are curious to find out why I so dislike generators! It's my first time posting in a brand new place, and I'm very excited to be a part of this new-to-me community!

According to the site's editors, Laura and Angie
"This collective blog-site will be a space to encourage, challenge, and help missionaries and humanitarian workers living overseas. Our articles will spark honest conversation, ask hard questions, and give glimpses into the realities of the missionary lifestyle."
Head on over and visit... feel free to hang around for awhile!

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