10 November 2012

Election Day in the United States has come and gone. From what I can gather here on the back side of the desert, some are celebrating, others are mourning and some are fearful for the future. I read (and at times thought myself) much about choices between the lesser of two evils, the failures of our political system, and wondered what all this meant for the future of my homeland. It is easy to get sidetracked by the media hype and the social media outlets. It is easy to forget...

Nations, where the right to participate in choosing political leaders and governmental authorities occurs without fear for personal safety, violence or reprisal, have an amazing opportunity. I hope I remain ever thankful for this privilege - never taking for granted, or helplessly, fatalistically approaching my responsibility to contribute to the decisions that will impact the future of my country.

That isn’t the case in many places all around the world…

It was a morning I’ll never forget…

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