11 November 2012

A Really Awesome Thinking about Thankfulness Link

picture from original post @ Five in Tow
The odor was pervasive.  It wafted through the room, drifting up over the book I was reading to the children.  It obscured my senses until I could no longer concentrate on the printed words.

“What is that smell?” I asked the kids.

“I don’t know,” Faith said.  “It’s awful.”

“I don’t smell anything,” Jonathan shrugged.

But there was definitely something to smell.  “Did anybody step in something outside?” I questioned.

“No,” came the unanimous reply.

“It smells rotten.”

“It smells poopy.”

“It smells dead....”


To read the rest of this blog post, Odor and Other Potent Stuff, head on over to Five in Tow. You'll probably have a hearty laugh followed by a good dose of heartfelt conviction all at once. 

I did! 

And then I was thankful for how the Lord uses little children to lead us...

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