16 November 2012

Five Minute Friday ~ Stay

Joining up with Lisa Jo for another 5 Minute Friday...

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Some days I have this fleeting... 
but only fleeting... 

I wish everything could stay just as it is this moment.

But then the moment flees away...

You'd remain your just shy of four
fiesty, onery, cheeky
yet charming

You'd continue to argue with me about everything I say:
"A says 'a' as in Adam..."
which I expect you to repeat.
"Not all the time," you say... " 'Cause his name is A,"
You retort with sparkle in eye 
and smile dimpled cheek.

Sasha, Achilles, Hera and Napolean...
our cats crazy for your cuddles
while traumatized by your incessant attention...
Your anger erupts when they let you know that - yet you refuse to change.

Then there's how Thing 2... the little boy goat... 
Who really isn't so little anymore,
- in fact, he's about to become a papa -
you two butt heads,
every single day.

He's big enough, bigger than you
so he's most always the victor.
 You still keep on keeping on,
picking a fight you should know by now you won't win
but no one else can tell you so.

Neighbors are entertained and laugh at your spunk
as do your siblings.
Scampering up and down trees, monkey-imp
with bright blue eyes
and that smile that says you're up to
no good.

I love these moments!
And I don't think I want them to change.
But I don't really want them to remain, either.

That would trap you here...

Feisty adorableness -
ornery obstinance -
annoying arrogance -
captivating confidence - 
charming cheekiness...

How could I confine you to stay now, in this moment?
For you are dreaming of the future...
an amazing woman-to-be...

I can't wait to meet you,
to know you,


  1. freakin' amazing. seriously - the juxtaposition of wanting them to stay sweet and little and innocent and wanting to meet them as adults. I can totally relate.

    1. thanks, cori, for such encouraging words. seems to me like much of parenting... much of life... is a dichotomy!


  2. This is such an amazing glimpse into your mama heart. I struggle with this too. My three and a half year old boy drives those same feelings. She will love this tribute to her youth and spirit and your desire to love her now and know her later. This is a beautiful write!

    1. i just LOVE toddlers and preschoolers... but then i also just love every age! i wouldn't change this mama path for anything this world has to offer. God gave us His Son... the most amazing gift... and then He gives many of us sons and daughters of our own... also incredible gifts.

      i feel lavishly loved!

  3. My girls are teens, so I look back to these days. Sometimes I wish they would have stayed little, but it is good to get to know the women they are becoming. Lovely post...as always!

    1. thanks so much!

      i've got teen girls, too... so i definitely see both sides of that part of the spectrum. our oldest graduates this year (he's a guy... but i think i probably have written something similar about him at some point in time, as well!)

  4. I literally cried because I feel so many of the same things about our 4 year old...I just don't have the same writing skills as you.

    1. ah, sandra ~

      each parenting moment is a precious treasure, even when it doesn't feel like it at the time, even when i muck it all up...

      can't wait to meet those three newest, gorgeous babies!

  5. Oh my mama heart is tugging! What a poignant write that I hope one day your daughter will read...

    We all seem to want today to stay, don't we. And I can't help but think...if I say this every day, today must be a good day. Maybe it's simply the love we want to stay...and He's already promised that.

    i'm rambling...my mama heart makes me do that. :) So enjoyed my visit here today!

    1. great observation - if we want a day to stay... it's cause it was a great one! love that thought.

      thanks for the visit!

  6. What a loving tribute to your little girl, and so revealing of your wise and loving mama heart...Thank you, Richelle, for this peek into your life...what a gift :)

    1. she's quite a girl, that is for sure!

      thanks for the encouragement!

  7. What beautiful thoughts you shared from your heart that is overflowing. Thank you Richelle!

    1. God is so good... and yes, my heart often feels filled to overflowing.

      Thanks for visiting.

  8. Richelle, this is an amazing piece! Your daughter gets her beauty from you. Thanks for sharing this with the world. Your motherhood is inspiring.

  9. Thanks, Angie... for such kind words. They mean a lot!


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