19 February 2011

This post brought to you by intermittent internet ~

since it is only a few photos... and not too many words to think about...

since I've been wanting to get it posted...

since the internet rarely works for extended periods of time at my house...

and never when I'm DEPENDING on it for whatever reason:

I'm taking advantage of these few minutes while I have them...

and posting pictures from Nadia's 12th birthday ~ it was a different sort of celebration!

Nadia's favorite friend and her family (they are one of our favorite families, too!) joined us in January for our last Saturday morning of the month donut making escapade. This time it was powdered sugar-lemon filled... and cinnamon sugar.

It was a lovely morning - the kids played and had fun, the adults visited  - and we all stuffed those donuts into our open mouths... rapidly...

...they were yummy!!!
...donuts AND the delightful demi-day with friends!

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  1. finally catching up on reading blogs! fun pictures of our morning together. i was just thinking, perhaps when your visitors have left it might be about time for an idriss's night? what think you? love to hang with your dad in law a bit while he is here. we are thankful for your family's friendship (and for yummy lemon donuts! :))


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