08 February 2011

My most favoritest guy

...is celebrating his birthday today.
(Yes, I know that isn't proper English.)

I'm so thankful for him...
in so many more ways
 than I ever dreamed possible
when I first began to love him.

although it isn't much

stroganoff for lunch...
salad with his preferred food group of Ranch dressing...
a yummy (well, I hope it will be)
 layered cake for dessert...

an uninterrupted nap...
and a trip to Ouaga next weekend for softball fun...

But most important of all?

I must remember coffee when I go grocery shopping and

 I'll have to scour the town for a Mountain Dew!

He's not too hard to please!
I'm so glad to be the one who gets to try and do so ~


Don't forget to wish him a "Happy, happy birthday!!


  1. Wishing you a Happy, Happy Birthday!! That's 35 or 36 years now I've been saying that to you. You're a little taller than you were back in kindergarten, but you still look like a kid - a big grown-up kid, but a kid all the same.

    I realize it's already tomorrow there as I write this, so here's hoping you have a wonderful day-after-your-birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday, Tim! God bless you!


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