02 February 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ Who needs brain cells anyway?

She's really got these incredibly beautiful, clear and bright blue eyes... and when the light catches them just right, it looks like it can't be for real... she gets them from her daddy. :-)

She gets her goofiness from him, too, no doubt about that. From her mama, though, she has inherited the ability to always come back with a quick retort - I don't know that I'm happy about that, but sometimes...

she says the best things without even missing a beat.

The other day, I was driving carpool home from school - there were only 4 of us left in the Cruiser and they were talking about the new studio. One of the boys still riding with us works at the studio with Tim one afternoon a week, so he's pretty familiar with the place.

The conversation went pretty much like this (though I can't quote word for word):

Rebekah: "I just love hanging out in the new recording room at the new part of the studio. It is soooooooo cooooool! You know what I mean, DJ? You've seen it, haven't you?"

DJ: "Yeah. But don't you think the new paint smell is too strong?"

Rebekah: "I LOVE the new paint smell! That's my favorite part!"

DJ: "You do know that smelling all those paint fumes probably kills brain cells..."

Rebekah: (brightly, without any hesitation) "Yep! But I wasn't planning on using those brain cells, anyway."



  1. I don't know - that quip sounds an awful lot like Tim to me!

  2. true... either one of her parents could've said it. but if you ask tim himself, he'll tell you that those things don't just pop out spontaneously. it was the quick spontaneity... and speaking ALMOST before thinking... that reminds us of her mama.


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