12 February 2011

A few more construction photos

Wanted to post these - 'cause I'm heading by again later today to snap some more!

soundproofing/acoustical "construction" work

the new recording studio, through the control room window

hard at work
Morou ~ a friend and worker ~ painting

The progress continues!

making bricks

office foundation "in progress"

starting to pour the office foundation

home school field trip

 Just have to add... the above photo is my favorite picture out of this batch!

working on the wall next to the drainage ditch

more foundation work on the office building

building a retaining wall to help maintain the terracing already done on the property ~ our regional coordinators' house will be off to the wall "in progress" in this photo
a good chunk of the "fill" that will behind this wall (when finished) has come from where they've been digging, preparing the foundation for our home

the workers have a 6th sense for when the camera comes out... and love to pose

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