16 February 2011

Sunday School @ Harobanda


This year, Brendan and Rebekah have been teaching Sunday School - their Tantie Amina translates into Zarma and is also "discipling" them through this process.

It has been exciting to watch the Sunday School program grow - they are already making plans for a Summer Celebration and a 3 day-3 night camp!


  1. Is that "Making Melody in My Heart"????? Love singing that with littles. :-) It was one of my favorites when I taught classroom music! What a great opportunity for Brendan & Rebekah. Excited for them!!

  2. It could be - not sure, tho' b/c I'm not familiar with that particular kids' song. This one somewhat reminds me of "I've got the joy" crossed with "Father Abraham" and "Heads and Shoulders..." - idea is that with our entire selves, we can rejoice.


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