09 November 2009


She came home from school today, proudly announcing that she was a cheerleading "flyer..." and that she wouldn't be playing basketall this year as she wanted to focus on cheerleading. I understand her rational and am pleased that she chose to prioritize her time and not try and do EVERYTHING, but what I don't understand... is the choice. I would have never chosen cheering for a bunch of guys over getting out there and playing the sport myself. So, *sigh* - I guess I'll get to watch her fly this year instead, and be thankful that my quickly-growing-up-not-so-little-girl-turning-into-a-young-woman has the confidence to do what she loves and be who God created her to be, even when she knows that isn't her mama's preference!


  1. lol I'm partial to cheerleading myself... you're such a good mom to support her no matter what!


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