22 November 2009

Nope... Not interested in trading places...

...with my oldest and hubby, that is. They headed north a bit to try and "harvest" just one more Bambi for our freezer. After they left?

The rest of the gang and I headed to the library for a few hours of book delight (and the Thomas the Tank Train table, if you are part of the pre-school crowd). Then, we wandered through the dollar store for awhile, figuring out how we wanted to decorate our Christmas tree this year (all of our decorations are back in Niger). After that, we came home, got ready for bed, ate nachos for dinner and then listed to the first CD of an audio book, Tiger Tiger (by Lynne Reid Bankes). I left the kitchen mess for tomorrow... but we sure did enjoy the first part of the story and are looking forward to listening to some more tomorrow afternoon.

Cuddled up on the couches with pillows, blankets and my kiddos sure beats tramping around wet woods or sitting in a damp deer blind any day!

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  1. But it was such a beautiful day for traipsing around the woods. Nothing at all like the last time I went hunting with Tim - it was ice cold and rainy, and I didn't see anything remotely resembling Bambi.


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