24 November 2009

A bunch of "dindons" ... or turkeys!

We've been friends with the Kelloggs for a loooong time. Tim and James were school buddies and we often hung out and double-dated during an earlier season of our lives. In fact, the night Tim proposed, Amy had dropped me off at his family's home after our first evening of hunters' safety class (the things you do when you're young and in love), Tim and I went to the Tridge... he slipped the ring on my finger and the rest is history. But, after we told his family, my mom and called my dad (who knew it was coming, but was in Japan at that moment), we crashed in on James and Amy to let them know the good news! Their daughter was born just days after Nadia (we were literally in the hospital at the same time) and they are in the same class this year at school; their little guy is close to Tori's age. Although our respective lives don't cross as much as we'd like... it is often the parking lot - picking up or dropping off kids - we always look forward to the opportunity to visit and hang out again when we are back in the States.


  1. Cute story - and a nice trip down memory lane. But isn't James and Amy's last name Kellogg? You've known them long enough to remember Amy's maiden name (from like 15 years ago), but somehow forgot the part in the middle when they got married and she took his name :)

  2. nope... didn't forget, but was listening to my parents talk about her parents and a praise they had shared in sunday school... hence that was the name stuck in my brain... now corrected.


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