20 November 2009

Cooking in Congo

No, we don't live in the Congo... but we do live a good part of the time in W. Africa and our cooking experiences are very much like this... I laughed as I read and thought, "Been there, done that!" and realized that maybe that is why I now have such a hard time following a recipe exactly... or even almost exactly!


  1. I rarely follow a recipe exactly, either...so what's my excuse?? LOL. I enjoyed the story!

  2. *mischevious grin* ...rebellious nature that doesn't want to follow directions?

  3. I know! I am always looking for substitutions or something to make a recipe my own! I rarely use a cookbook except for baking, as I have not gotten the exact science in my head for that.

  4. Yep, I just checked, and the word "recipe" is not in my dictionary :) I probably tore that page out to write down a recipe, and then threw it away because I couldn't read my own writing. I learned my penmanship from Tim's Dad :)


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