01 November 2009

The "Forest" in our Backyard

Isn't this just a gorgeous backyard? There are many things we love about the missionary home where we are living, but the backyard is one of our favorites. It is, in fact, a big part of the reason why we always request this house instead of the other one that is slightly larger.

When the weather is nice and the kids are healthy, they are outside as much as they can be and this yard gives them lots of room to play, a place for Tim, Brendan and a few of the girls to practice their archery as well as a path to school that does not involve crossing the road.

They LOVE the "forest!" Actually, we have a forest and the woods. The woods refer to the line of trees that border along top of a berm between the house and the school's parking lot. The forest is the grove of trees behind the house with trails meandering through, several of which head straight to the school's playground or the soccer field.

Tim and I chuckle when we hear them talk of the trees in such a matter. But I guess it is all a matter of perspective. After all, when you've mostly grown up on the backside of the desert, a whole bunch of huge leafy trees and several pines all in one general location is pretty impressive!


  1. On our med-evac to have Kailtyn, Jasmine kept commenting on the American Flags, Flowers, trees, water fountains, and automatic doors. The things I would not have thought twice about kids just love! I had a hard time driving on 5 lane highways during that time, I was almost getting dizzy..

  2. it is beautiful! I haven't ever been exploring back there - at least not purposefully! Those woods behind the school/church were fun when my brother & I were kids for sure!

  3. How well I remember walking to school on the edge of the "forest" and though the "woods." Don't be surpised to see anyone from my family poping across the bridge, especially with Tyler in school we have walked that way a few times this school year. I know Mom and Jaime use it regularly.


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