11 November 2009

Priceless Words - A Change from Wordless Wednesday

Mornings are getting colder here in Michigan.

The trees are bare, the yard is mostly raked... mostly only scattered leaves remain.

Several of our children are discovering the wonder of "frost."

Each morning, as we leave for school, they are finding a heavier and thicker frost on the grass, the car, the trees... and someone inevitably makes the following exclamation: "Look Mom! It's snow!!!"

I hate to have to disappoint them with the response: "Sorry, dear. It is still only frost this morning. The snow will come soon. And when it does, through the window, the ground will look almost like it is covered in cotton."

After this exchange occured again this morning, Nadia replied, "I don't know, Mom. You might be wrong today. The stuff on the grass is really white, almost fluffy - almost like cotton..."

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  1. Every morning I look at the frost waiting for the first snow fall.


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