04 September 2009

Victoria... you can just call her Tori...

"T" ~~ for Trouble!

But I prefer "T" ~~ for 'Tant et plus.'

Life with a precocious 2nd grader will always be interesting. Last night was "Meet the Teacher" night at Calvary and the kids will be starting school next Tuesday. We are excited for Tori to be in class. One reason is that we know she's got a fabulous teacher who was, in fact, Brendan's 2nd grade teacher when I was pregnant with Victoria...

  • Really smart,
  • decisive,
  • impetuous,
  • head-strong,
  • determined,
  • curious,
  • confident,
  • prone to hysterical giggling,
  • a tease,
  • not shy,
  • cuddly and affectionate when she's not mad at you,
  • passionate,
  • easily embarrassed,
  • sometimes ornery but almost always sweet at the same time,
  • stubborn,
  • a bit of a thrill seeker,
  • frustratingly persistent...

These are just a few of the descriptive phrases we've heard others apply when referring to our daughter - and not just things things we've thought or said ourselves! As she was meeting her teacher last night at school, Mrs. Forbes asked her if she had any questions. Victoria had 3:
  1. "Do I have to keep this apple in my desk or can I eat it now?"
  2. "There are a lot of books in my desk that I didn't put there? Why and what are they for?"
  3. "Why do the poster people on the 'tableau' have such big pockets?"

Those who know our family best say she's the only one who truly favors my side of the family in looks and that she has my personality - which means we often see things eye to eye... but when we disagree and correction needs to be applied, watch out! When she's really being ornery, Tim usually remarks that she's acting just like her mother... and I'm not liking to hear that comment. *She's also got her daddy wrapped around her little finger.* God most certainly uses this little mini-mirror to reveal areas where I need to change...

We love her "tant et plus"
...or so much and even more!

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