03 September 2009

And while we are on the subject of Brendan... "Foot"ball!!!

...photos from his first soccer game playing for Calvary Baptist Academy!

Some of my favorite photos... taken either by Tim or Gampy (my dad), as they had the freedom to wander around the field a little more than I did with my little M&M appendage...


Once I got the camera back, I snapped a few pictures of the kids and family all enjoying the bright sunny day, the grassy field, each other and the soccer game!

This was the first day we've had Mary out for about 2 weeks, as she's been sick with whooping cough. She's no longer contagious, but is still having really nasty coughing spells at night which is pretty terrifying for both of us. But outside of those spells, she's happy as can be, as you can see in this photo.

I could have hung a sign off her that said "Pretty in Pink and Pigtails!" It was the first time I'd tried to fix her hair like this. She wasn't impressed, but then she never is when I mess with her hair. As we say around our house (usually to do with meals and new recipes), "This is a repeat!"

Jonathan really does look up to his brother - it is so much fun and such a joy to watch the two of them together!

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  1. I see he's wearing lucky number 13. Let's hope he fares better than his Dad did playing soccer at CBA!


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