27 September 2009

Open Mouth ~ Insert EVERYTHING

It doesn't matter what! Almost as soon as an object - morsels of food under the table, dust bunnies from behind the piano, light plugs and other electrical cords, homework papers ("Sorry, Mrs. Forbes, my little sister ate my homework!") and school notes left laying around, accidentally amputated insect legs from Anna's bug collection, little plastic lids from albuterol/nebulizer vials, fallen fall leaves, footwear by the front door, little plastic rubberbands that are supposed to be in the bathroom drawer, etc., etc., etc., - hits the floor, our little scavenger has found it and started an investigation of its finer points (i.e. "Is it edible or not? Does it make my gums feel better when I gnaw on it? Will putting this in my mouth catch Mama's attention? Will Dad feed me Oreo Cookie ice cream to distract me if I keep trying to eath this?" ~ Well, you get the point!)...

...which means that I'm spending an inordinate amount of time digging things out of her mouth.

For what it is worth, and in our experience, each successive child has become more and more persistant, aggressive and risky with this particular behavior...!


  1. If you need a poison control magnet, let me know. I have one for every time I've called in the last 8 months. Ha, ha, ha.

  2. You realize of course, that's ingrained in them. Children instinctively know that, based on the number of older siblings, you must have more experience catching them in the act of... whatever act it happens to be, and so they must become more creative and more determined to out-think, out-maneuver, and generally out-fox you (since out-running you is not really an option at this stage of their lives).

  3. We are doing the same things here. Lots of digging out of objects and trying anything to make those gums feel better.


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