26 September 2009

I Love Lighthouses ~

~ and sunsets on the beach!

After we'd stripped the kids down and loaded them back into the van, we headed off in search of a McD's. On the way, we took just a few minutes of a sidetrip to see one of Michigan's beautiful lighthouses.

Tim and I left the kids warming up in the van and spent about 10 minutes, just the two of us (and a whole group of seniors who'd also come to enjoy the sunset) watching the sun sink over the horizon and photographing the lighthouse. On brief, "scary" moment: the keys fell out of Tim's pocket... thankfully, he found them and the attached flashlight on the beach without too much difficulty!

We finally got home that Sunday night much later than was originally planned, everyone was tired (poor Bren and Rebekah were still finishing up homework after midnight), but the special time together as our family enjoying some beautiful places was well worth it... and we were pretty well recovered...

~by Tuesday!


  1. Beautiful Pictures, Richelle, did you have a happy birthday??? We prayed for you and your family today! It is HOT in niger, the thermometer doesn't show it because it is so muggy!! ANd I think the rains are done. Only two weeks until NUTS and a break from school !! Waaa Hoo! Mikaylah is ready for a break I think, she now asks "is there school tomorrow?" When I told her that tomorrow will be Sunday, she asked, "what about the day after tomorrow?" She is fastitious in doing her homework though, I think she just likes to sleep in,oh, yeah, and play the wii!!

  2. What gorgeous pictures Richelle!
    So glad that you are being 'delighted' in so many ways...May God continue to 'Shine'
    Missing you all

  3. so glad you all are making time to create some special memories and sharing some of your favorite US things with the kids. we are loving the pictures and envying the sweatshirts...


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