18 September 2009

Ramadan, 2009 - Islam's new TV representatives

Ramadan 2009 / 1430: August 22 - September 20

Islam's new TV representatives

Friday, 18 September
"Loving Muslims Through Prayer"

Outside the Middle East most people may not have heard of Amr Khaled, Mustafa Hosni, Moez Masoud, or Ahmad al-Shugairi. However these men have a significant following in the Arab world through Middle Eastern Television and the web. Amr Khaled’s influence for moderate and practical Islam has been compared to the North American evangelical preacher Rick Warren.

Moez Masoud has often spoken out for sincerity and really trying to understand people from other faiths. He has written: “I’m pretty much dedicating my life to a deeper and more profound understanding between human beings, the children of Adam. I actually named my son Adam just so that I could never be distracted from the goal.”

Prayer Starters:
  • Pray that God will continue to use everything which is good and positive from these men to change Middle Eastern society for the better. May they and their listeners discover the Lord in a profound way, He is the giver life (John 10:10).
  • Believers in the Messiah in the Middle East have often been oppressed under Islam. Pray for an explosion of new spiritual life among believers across the entire Middle East which will enable them to be a channel of life for Muslims desiring sincerity, depth and real life with God.

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