15 September 2009

Ramadan, 2009 - Turning

Ramadan 2009 / 1430: August 22 - September 20

They Are Turning To Jesus

Tuesday, 15 September
"Loving Muslims Through Prayer"

Seeking answers, Khalid asked people who were well informed about the Qur’an to get more understanding. But as a good Muslim, his heart did not find any rest. One night he had a dream in which he saw the words “I am the God that you are looking for, I am the truth”. The following night he had the same dream. The next day Khalid’s heart was very troubled so he went to see his friend and told him about the dreams. Then his friend explained that it was probably the God of the Bible who had revealed himself to him and he invited him to pray to that God.

Khalid was then secretly welcomed into an assembly of believers. This is not always the case. New believers from a Muslim background often have difficulties being accepted by local assemblies. Some groups of believers fear that they will suffer persecution if they help a Muslim background believer.

Prayer Starters:
  • Pray for the secret believers who ask for help from local churches and do not find it, that they will continue to hope in Christ.
  • Pray for the leaders of believing communities in Muslim countries. They are subject to varied and serious pressures.
  • Pray for local assemblies - that they would be willing to take the risk of helping new believers and that their communities could become real sources of refuge for those who are discovering new life in Christ.

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