13 August 2009

Tearing Down the...

...old garage (well, at least the roof) with Grandpa ~ Brendan's first real "job."


Not only has this been good exercise and an awesome excuse to hang out outdoors with his grandfather, but Brendan has been able to learn some about construction and to save money for the purchase of his own computer (Thanks, Grandpa Gene... =D ). He must be enjoying it, too, because he's often rolling himself out of bed early to go work.

Tired OR confused!

But we think Grandpa Gene has been a pretty patient and relatively easy "taskmaster."


Enjoying a bit of Grandpa-Grandson time once the work for the day was done.

POSTSCRIPT - These photos were taken a few weeks ago. Now, the walls to the new garage are up and they are working on siding them even as I type.

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