04 August 2009

When your Daddy Works in a Recording Studio...

...sometimes you get volunteered to help: carrying and setting up equipment, long car rides, watching, playing with and coralling little kids that often don't speak the same language... Fortunately for Anna and Victoria, this was a FUN helping project: "C'est pour toi que je chante!"

This young man, a choir director in town, has been working with Tim for many months to complete and music album project. For one of his songs, actually sung in English, he wanted a young child to recite a prayer ~ in English. So the mama came up with a prayer which Tori and Anna memorized then recited while Tim recorded. The result? Their little voices are now "available on CD!" in Niger. =D They finished this project the last full week we were there and we snapped these photos when our friend came over for lunch.

Often, it is the older kids who have opportunities to volunteer their time and to minister in this way... I love the fact that our little girls had this opportunity and I think they had fun and were excited to contribute to the work in the studio in this way!

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