11 August 2009

SleepyHead HUMAN Smacking Superb "S"ircular-Shaped Snacks...

...our first morning here at the missionary house.

PS And if you know Jonathan, you'll know why I "messed up" the alliteration in the title.


  1. adorable photos! Does that "glow juice" give them extra energy??

  2. ya know - i noticed the sun on the lime green cup, but would have never thought to call it "glow juice." cute! actually, though - i don't need to give them anything for "extra" energy. unfortunately, rebekah has just discovered coffee...

  3. You already made the time to make donuts?!

  4. absolutely not! those are day olds that their daddy brought home... 9, to be exact, one per person. ;-)

    it will be a few more weeks still, before i'm up for that!


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