29 August 2009

Ramadan, 2009 - The Kaili Unde People Group in Indonesia

Ramadan 2009 / 1430: August 22 - September 20

Friday, 28 August
"Loving Muslims Through Prayer"

The 22,000 Kaili Unde live on the west coast in the province of Central Sulawesi in Indonesia. Most Kaili Unde are dedicated Muslims. They are convinced that they will eventually be judged according to their way of life. However, heir religious life is mixed with ancient animistic beliefs too. Many of them regularly seek help from the local Dukun (shaman or magic priest) to be cured of illness or evil spirits. When a new house is built, the Kaili Unde always give gifts to both the good and evil spirits. The bigger the house, the bigger the gift. Only a few Kaili Unde have come to the Messiah. Unfortunately, there is no Bible or Christian material in their language.

Prayer Starters:
  • Pray for an openness and a willingness to obey the Gospel among the Kaili Unde (Romans 1:5 and 16:26)
  • Pray they can hear and see the Indonesian Christian radio and TV and thus find the way to Christ.
  • Pray the power of darkness and enslavement to spirits be broken and their eyes opened, so that the Kaili Unde can be freed (Acts 10:38 and 26:18).
  • Pray with your children for missionaries to go to the Kali Unde.

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