29 August 2009

Ramadan, 2009 - Revelations and Relationship

Ramadan 2009 / 1430: August 22 - September 20

Mohammed, Initial Revelations and Relationships

Saturday, 29 August
"Loving Muslims Through Prayer"

Mohammed is revered by all Muslims as the last and greatest prophet. In Islam, Mohammed is considered the “ideal man.” Mohammed is in no way considered divine, nor is he worshipped, but he is the model for all Muslims concerning how they should conduct themselves. No images of Mohammed are permitted (in order to prevent idolatry). His name actually means “The Praised One.”

During much of Mohammed’s lifetime pagan idol worship abounded in Arabia. An estimated 360 gods and goddesses were adored by the Arabs in Mecca, which was a major centre of idolatry in the region. Muslim historians think that even as a boy Mohammed detested idol worship and lived a morally pure life.

Prayer Starters:

  • There are millions of Muslims named Mohammed around the world. The name Mohammed is spelled in different ways in various places and cultures: Mohammad, Mohamed, Muhammed, Muhammad, Mahommed, Mehmed, Mehmet, Mahomet, Magomed and even Maxamed. In prayer, cite these names before God.
  • Pray that the Mohammeds of this world would come to know that there is another one who is honoured in heaven and earth and who has a name above all names. May millions of Mohammeds come to faith in the Messiah (See Acts 4:12, Philippians 2:10).
  • Ask the boys in your family to pray today but hold hands together to show you are unified and agree in prayer.

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