12 May 2009

Multi-tasking Monday Morning at My House

About a month ago, Rebekah spent the week at Sahel Academy, which left me and the little three at home... What fun! Here are some pictures from our Monday morning of that week.

In this photo, I'm working our our prayer letter while holding the baby. Guess who took the photos of me??

The little peanut M&M must have fallen asleep - so now I'm really working on that prayer letter, trying to finish it before she wakes up again.

This photo is thrown in just because I want everyone to see the beautiful ring given to me by Nadia, Anna and Victoria when we returned to Niamey back in January. They picked it out, with the help of a friend, and paid for it all by themselves. It was an early Mother's Day gift and I wear it all of the time now. Didn't they do an awesome job? (Brendan also gave me a lovely little blue ring, but I wore it too much - probably washing dishes - and now have to get it fixed.) :-(

The Jon-man is working on letter identification here. I dictate a letter... he colors in the approriate box. He hasn't realized yet that some kids don't like school. It is a highlight of his day!

Elsie Mae, of course, must get in on the action. She loves looking at books and at this point, jabbering nonsense sounds to tell "the story." In the last two days, she's starting using more and more words, without being prompted... I should sit her down and hear what sort of a story she'd come up with this time.

Another alphabet project, Jonathan loves putting this puzzle together. He does a good job, too - considering he has to first find all of the pieces from the cabinet where they are tossed, helter-skelter, randomly into their containers when the kids clean up afterwards. (I can't believe I just admitted that with my mother reading this blog. :-) )

Last piece! Yeah! Success!

Just wondering if anyone can figure out anything funny about this picture when compared to all the others. Leave a comment and let me know what you think the disparity is.


  1. elsie mae changed her own underwear?

  2. close... she "loses" her underwear. when it is time for a bathroom trip, she strips en route and then can't find it... then when she returns afterwards, it is with another pair that she's pulled from her closet. i only WISH she could change it all by herself. :-)

  3. April Pierce12 May, 2009 22:03

    All the puzzles out at once?

  4. i was going to say looks like the pink changed to green!

  5. sorry april - all the puzzles out all at once is quite normal around my house.

    you got it, beka. she prefers to change every time she has to go... gotta break that habit!


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