04 May 2009

Not Me! Monday

I don't think Not Me! Monday is going to become an every Monday sort of thing on Our "Wright"-ing Pad, but I decided to this week, mainly because...

...well, two reasons, actually. First, I wanted to link to "My Charming Kids" so y'all could head over and see how Stellan is doing. I've really appreciated many of the things MckMama has been sharing as God has carried her and her family through a very difficult and challenging 7 weeks.

My second reason is because I wanted to post the following photos:

The Jon-man couldn't find matching shoes as we were ready to leave for church last Sunday evening, so I didn't let him go to church like this. I would never do that. Certainly not me! ... at least not the me-when-I-had-only-4-children.

My girls aren't all walking around with green tint to their hair because I've not taken the time to use baking soda or ketchup to remove the results of too much time in chlorinated water. Not me!

I didn't write a blog post earlier this week designed to make everyone wonder if we might be having our 9th baby while we are back in the States on home assignment. We aren't. No, not me! I wouldn't even consider a thing like that!

We didn't pack the whole family into the Corolla to head to church so that we'd have a least a little measure of air conditioning. Not we! (Is the "we" considered cheating?)

I didn't let my 6 year old fix her own hair before she left for school this morning because I didn't want to get out of bed just yet. No way!

I've not taken 4 cold (better described as "not hot") showers today, just because it is so sticky (Heat Index at 9 PM is still 102'F). Not me!

Elsie Mae isn't running around in little boy briefs because the termites have eaten several of her pairs of little girl panties, and I'm not heading into the market for new underwear when I've got all this stuff for boys. Not me!

I didn't send my 2 year old to fend for herself for dinner, telling her to find something in the fridge so that I could type in this blog post and then hopefully IM with my mother. It wouldn't be the first time she's fended for herself in such a manner. What sort of a slack mom would do that? Not me!

There isn't a third reason I decided to write this blog post... because there isn't even the littlest part of me who also decided I wanted to enter in the drawing for "a delightful hand stamped necklace from Circle of Sentiments." That would be too... something or other, but the word escapes me at this moment. Never! Impossibly not me!

I can't believe I just did this! Not me!


  1. Funny! I like not me Mondays over at MckMama's blog.

  2. caleb mcclarren10 May, 2009 17:07

    those boots are still around! no stinking way.

  3. You'd better believe it, Caleb! Growing up in OK, I loved wearing cowboy boots... but it was your family that introduced them to Tim and the kids... and I think they've all worn that pair since!

    In fact, I do believe he wore them to church again, last night. It is always a toss up between his cowboy boots or his Lighting McQueen shoes. :D

    Good to hear from you!


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