25 May 2009

On Your Mark... Get Set... Go!

Our race to finish this term well has also begun in earnest - only 7 weeks remain.

Please forgive us if our posts become less frequent (or even disappear behind the banana trees for a few moments) over the next few weeks.

With 2 different swim competitions, three different schools finishing up their programs for the 2008-09 school year, Nadia's exam preparations, 12 teacher perrformance reviews, moving out of our house, more intense Sheep Tales work and winding up all of our responsiblities, blogging will be a luxury I, unfortunately, won't be able to afford... at least not nearly so often.

I hope to be back to more frequent and regular posting in just a few weeks. If you check back and there isn't a new post - please take that as an indicator to remember how crazy things are for us right now... and remember to pray for our family.

On a totally different note... Ain't she adorable?!


  1. This pictures are so beautiful!

  2. Hi! I LOVE your pictures! They are too cute. How fun to see some of your surroundings too.

  3. We are on the same time line as your family. I understand the lack of time on the computer. Look forward to you being back on line. Don't stress. Try to have some time to enjoy your last days in Niger.

  4. Will pray as the Lord leads for a peaceful and smooth transition. I love the beautiful music and enjoy your frequent updates. I do look at your blog and miss the times we shared at our respective places. I thoroughly enjoyed our time to fellowship and count it an honor to us to be able to pray for and encourage one another in the Lord!


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