07 May 2009

Thinking about Refreshment

Sometimes I absolutely love my life and wouldn't change anything about it... except maybe the excessive heat and frequent power cuts.

Other times I look at my life and wonder, "What in the world...?" or even worse, "Why do I bother...?" I feel like nothing is being accomplished, my heart is weary, I wonder if we are making any difference... even the things that I normally love to do (home schooling, Bible study preparation, stumbling through a mixed Zarma/French converstion with my friend, sipping ice tea at the pool with a friend and watching the kiddos play) seem like they require too much effort, so I just keep folding laundry (of which there is always an abundance) or continue packing up books we won't be using before we leave on furlough, looking to find a reead since new reads require, like all the rest, just.too.much.effort.

Lately, it seems like the latter has been the norm...

Today, I had a few minutes of unexpected time, so I decided to catch up on a few unread emails as well as some of the blogs I like to peruse; it was time well spent.

So, when you've got a few quiet minutes, go ahead and savor these reads:

~ "Time-wise," by Gayle Francis, found at Peter's Wife


These, a time of prayer and a recent Bible study on Elizabeth that I've taken some time to revisit today (maybe I'll share about that another time) have helped refresh my perspective~~~

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