19 May 2009

Pretty in Pink Camo and Lace

I love this outfit - it is so Anna. It is also one of her favorites. Her dad finds it an unlikely and interesting combo, but even he will have to admit that it fits. She is reticent and shy... until she feels comfortable with you. Then she turns into an overly affectionate and silly clown - giving hugs and kisses one minute... sneaking up behind you to scare you the next. When you look at her, she can appear almost delicate... then you try and play keep away with her in the pool... she's vicious!

We've also been remarking of recent just how much she resembles her cousin. I actually had another photo of her standing in the exact same position, squinting into the sun, but deleted it from the camera on accident. (Grrrrrrrr, but that is totally beside the point.) If I was really going to point out the similarities, I could even have her wearing the exact same purple outfit, as it has been handed down and is another "Anna-fave." What do you think? Can you see the similarity?

1 comment:

  1. I can definitely see the resemblance! And it's also nice that both girls are so lovely!


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